As one of the most outstanding British Directors of Photography, David has been instrumental in creating the instantly recognisable advertising images from some of the most iconic and powerful commercials around the world.


  • CARS

    including Honda, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Rover, Nissan and Mitsubishi


    Food commercials that I have shot shot include :-

    Uncle Bens Express Rice, Birds Eye, Sainsbury’s Strawberries, British Eggs, McDonalds, Del Monte, Uncle Ben’s Sources, Paxo stuffing, Golden Wonder Pot Noodles, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Nestle’s Shredded Wheat and Rice Krispies, Barrilla Pasta, After Eight Chocolates, Cornetto Soft (ice cream), Muller Yogurts, Walkers Crisps, Warburtons Bread, Rowntrees Quality Street & Whiskas


    Drinks commercials shot include :-

    Grolsch, Holsten Pils, Coca-Cola, Franziskaner Beer, Reef Vodka, Timisoreana (Romanian) Beer, Kenco Coffee, Pepsi Cola, Nescafe Gold Blend, Brooke Bond Tea, Knorr Soup



    Specsavers, ING, BT, Standard Life, AA, Natwest, Royal Mail, Shell Renewable Energy, Direct Line Insurance, NSPCC, COI, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Observer Newspaper, NTL, Eagle Star Insurance, Greater Anglia Trains


    Nivea Visage, Playtex Bras, Imperial Leather Shower Gels, Babyliss Massager